I know it’s been a while and let me be the first to say “I’m sorry”. It must be hard making it day to day without me and paul. we took a few weeks off to reorganize and for jon to move to DC. it’s seems that with this time off the show really found it’s roots. the most recent show released saturday has been widly halied as our best show ever. don’t take it from me. listen to what one of our many listeners had to say.

Listened to the lastest episode of “Me & Paul” this weekend, and yeah, good job guys. I LOLed a number of times. People we’re looking at me strangely from my laughter and I was in public. Thanks

Brian Lauvray

Whether you’ve loved and left or never listened to the show do yourself a favor and subcribe or resubscribe to what is being hailed as the best podcast ever or atleast the best podcast ever called me and paul.

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