so did you see this? just when you thought you knew the biggest bastard in town good old Billy Bob Thornton comes out of nowhere and takes the taco. I posted this interview Billy Bob did on a Canadian radio station. He just gets mad and refuses to answer questions. To really get into it fast forward to the 6 and a half minute mark. It’s so akward and revolting it’s hard not to watch. If for some reason you were or are a Billy Bob fan, well I hope this changes your mind.

In other news aaron and alison came to visit last weekend and we all had a great time. One great thing about living in New York for 5 years is that after the second year most of the people that are going visit have. So by year 3 it’s gravy. when people come to visit there isn’t any lets go to the top of the rock or visit the moma. It’s just purely hang out time. this i like. I’ll try and post a few pictuers this weekend. I know alison posted some pics on the facebooks but being that i continue to boycott i haven’t been able to see said pictures….
In just a week kate and i head to Savannah and we could not be more excited. I can’t tell you how bad i need to get out of the city. seeing the old savannah sights is really going to lift the old spirits.

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  1. NoDak in the news…Williston, ND has been booming for 3-4 years now. I have a firend who is a geoligist there now, making an absurd amount of money, (at least it’s absurd to me and I mean that in a good way) With the surge of people, my only concern is how many liberal, hippie, pinkos, GORP eaters, and basic fucktards are coming into our state. But after careful review, these type of folks don’t like oil. So I think we are safe.

  2. SALUT MISS…..tu es tout a fait a mon gout ….très sexy je vois….moi j ai 33 ans – beau gosse dit on …sur 13eme – brun – bien foutu ….très bien monté … cherche un torride sans tabous …jsuis pret a te fesser comme sur cette ……si ça te dis faisons connaissance !!!!!!!!!!

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