faithful believe it or not i went on a mini VACATION last weekend!!!!! kate and i joined our friends BVA, DVA, and our new friend Nicki at a beach house on TYBEE island for a fun filled weekend of old college friends, karaoke, beer, beef, pinkie masters, bingo and all other types on tomfoolery. I’ve posted a bunch of pictures in FRAMES that i hope you’ll enjoy!! It was so great to get a chance to see my old college pals Joel and Jenn!! Being back in Savannah and seeing the students made me long for the “studio fridays” warm days and lost hours at pinkie masters. Well you can’t go back as they say and i won’t waste my time trying, although it does make me feel good/sad to remember how much fun i used to be. The pictures below are the entire team at different stages of the trip. enjoy…. love the kate dance pic. Oh the pic of DVA and nicki show their bingo winnings!!!! BVA also at bingo just hours before big 30. yeah that’s me singing brandy. hooray!

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