Blah blah blah I’m sorry…. but hey cut me some slack i’ve been busy. First the big parent meet up happened. yes thats right after 7 years of dating the Rybicki’s and the Diehl’s met here in brooklyn. Everything went great and lots of wedding stuff got figured out. One of those wedding things was the Save The Date cards. They went out about a week and a half ago and, well….. i hope you got yours and you like it. If you didn’t get one….. well i can’t believe there is anyone that reads this blog that didn’t receive one. If by some chance you are that someone then email me your address and i’ll get one out to you post heist.
last weekend kate and i were visited by my good old friend from high school brian louis lauvray from chicago Ill. It was a nice chill visit we hung out in the neighborhood all weekend going to local restaurants and bars. We even had a little cook out on the roof. Kate and i fired up this little grill she’s had forever and made a few dogs. Speaking of bars in the neighborhood the place just down from my apt “Sharlene’s” just opened last week. brian had a bit of an altercation with the bar tender but i liked it just fine. Well, also speaking of altercations check out the new episode of the Me and Paul show that Brian and i taped while he was here. notice there is no Jon on this episode mainly because he bailed…… nice…..
Lastly I don’t care that Kirstie Allie is fat again.

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