so happy memorial day everyone? do you wish people happy memorial day? I mean it’s a holiday everyone looks forward to but it’s not necessarily happy. well i mean i’m happy i don’t have to be at work so i’m having a happy memorial day but the day it’s self if kinda sad. with all the war and dying for ones country and all……… yeah,
Anyway last week big john diehl (johns flickr) was in town for a visit and we indeed made the best of it…. on friday we went to Atlantic City “where hope goes to die” i guess you could say everything you’ve head about Atlantic city is true… It’s dirty slimy and a bit scary. i don’t really like to gamble but john is like a young Kenny Rogers who can’t sing…. He tried to explain Craps to me but some reason my tiny paul brain just could handle it. long story short we both came out ahead by the time we boarded the bus full of toothless rubes back to nyc. i was up $50 (black jack) and john was up $250 (which he won just moments before we got on the buss)…
Saturday was the Yankee’s game I posted some pics in frames. the new stadium is ridiculous. i know the pictures don’t do it justice but the new jumbotron is like a city block in size. It was a good game. it went to extra innings with toolrod I mean Arod hitting a homerun to win the game….
Lastly and most exciting NEW DPORT7 Tshirts and bags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Inspired by our iphone icon the shirts and bags are hot off the press and ready for you to love them…. PAUL!!!!! How do I get one?? Well maybe if i see you i’ll have one for you…. other than that send an email i guess. Can’t make any promises supplys are low……. I’m excited

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