Well that’s right Kate and I eascaped from New York in secret this morning. The photo below shows us struggling at 6am at the Jet Blue gate at JFK.

just left the whaleing museum. Ok so this is a picture of a real whale. This guy beached himself and then the locals in an effort to be as badass as the old time moby dick type whalers cut it up and made a documentary out of it. Kathylee was not involved.

what’s a vacation without a visit to the Lobster Trap. Let me be clear I love lobster and went for it with the 1 1/2 pounder. Kate chose to stick with 1 1/4. Although they look exactly the same to me. I don’t know what it is or how they do it but every island lobster stop I’ve ever been to seems to be able to re-create the same vibe and menu. Is it all one big chain? Or maybe it’s worst ….. Lobster is lobster and the sweat seasoning I’d vacation makes it the best you’ve ever tasted.
As always dport7 has gone the extra mile for you and included the lobster eating directions for you. Along with the image of the local golden lobster god that is worshiped here. It’s not weird it’s a accepted division of scientology.

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