Kate and I beat the crap out if this vacation. With a just a bit over two days we pckes in a whole weeks worth of fun. Yesterday after bombing around what felt like the entire island on the scooter we went to the swanky white elephant restaurant for dinner. As always it was a delight. Kate had the tuna and I had the stuffed lobster. Today with out flight off the island leaving at 1:30pm we decided to take the early fishing trip with our old friend capt’n Mark aboard the “let’s do it two”. Things started off slow with the first half of the trip void of fish. After a quick jaunt beyond the bay Kate and I were ready to call it quites with sea sickness. Capt’n Mark didn’t let us down and as if magic took us to a spot that yielded 9 fish in our last 20 min. Both Kate and I caught 2 fish on one cast. Kate although came out the winner with a 28inch stripper bass that was fit for keeping under Mass. State law. After 2 1/2 hours and 9 fish Kate and I were beat.
We’re at the airport now with screaming kids behind us and to tires to shoot them an evil eye that would make them cry. Please god give me the strength.

Lastly it has come to my attention that here is a fake facebook account that’s been set up for me. This “person” is using the name “Paul Frank” and is pretty much ripping off my dport7 posts. This is both creepy and flattering. Just beware if you friend me on facebook it’s not me. Special thanks to the imposter.

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