you know the more i think about this the more embarrassing it all is really. why in your right mind would you throw a short shorts party? i’ve been trying for 5 years to come up with an answer to that question. another good one is why in gods name paul would you post a picture like the one you’ve posted below???? none of this look good. well as i struggle with that let me fill you in on SSP09. First off if you didn’t make it where the hell where you? I mean Lauren Conrad from the Hills was there (lie). We had another great turn out and i think a great time was had by all… As always some were over served and some dared to show up in long pants (in a world of shame). Megan Trinidad was the official winner this year. shown below with the white spandex shorts with handprints airbrushed on the back. although altogether off putting he won in the popular vote against many fine contenders…. Listen lets take a moment to be frank… for those of you that attend the party.. I put 3 girls in the running and not one came out the winner…. guys please this is starting to look bad…. next year lets not vote another male winner it sends the wrong message about the party. none the less congratulations to brian you wear it well my friend… Anyway a great big thnaks to everyone that showed up this year i had a great time…. who knows maybe we can keep this thing alive for a few more years…… I’ll try to post more pictures soon!!!

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