hello dport7 faithful! I miss you. I know the last couple of months/year has been post light but i want in my heart of hearts to change that.. Although life won’t let me. The wedding is (as it should) taking up a lot of my time. (watch you mail box for the invite in the next few weeks). then work is whipping my ass like i killed it’s dog in a drunk’n rage, (which i didn’t do) didn’t get out before 10pm all week… So in an effort to win back a few readers i POSTED THE SSP PICS!! along with a link to jon (the jew’s) personal photo page. So please relive it and enjoy.

next let’s take a step into the way back machine and talk about the movie tron (nerds rejoice).. When i was a kid there was this freaky disney yes disney movie called Tron. If i remember right it was bout this guy that some how gets trapped inside a video game. really dark but visually kinda cool. big john diehl and i were fans… well the big scene from that movie was the moteercycle scene, epiclly cool and remembered by all. Well it turns out that in hollywoods infinite wisdom this year is the year for the sequel. I’ve posted the leaked trailer here but to be honest i’m not sure if all the cool new CG makes it that much better. i also posted the old trailer to help explain things… anyway you decide.

off to all points west, I’ll try to post about that soon…

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  1. Yea, never been to loozy-anna. Of course we do have our share of dsiphit liberals here of course, but for the most part, they are quiet and keep to themselves. That goes for conservatives as well now that I think about it. In fact, the more I think about it, most people here just mind their own business for the most part.

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