2 Things today.

1- Did a quick stress test on my window cranks… PETG VS ABS. Interesting results that make me feel as if the PETG is the better choice all around.

You can see from the photo that the 2 ABS cranks on the bottom broke in the same way at the same spot. The PETG crank at the top of the image broke in a very different spot and only broke after bending and stretching. The material is much more pliable so I feel as it will perform better under a situation where someone grabs and yanks it quickly.

Top – PETG —–Center ABS—–Bottom- ABS

2- NEW PROJECT! The other product I want to get sorted before I try to revive Campskills is this steering column scan gauge mount. As a lot of fans have newer engines the scan gauge has become a popular way to access all the data those engines are able to show you. Making troubleshooting a mechanical problem much easier.

Right now it’s in 3 parts. The enclosure front and back, and the legs that interface with the top of the steering column. There are many angles to work out. Right now it’s not angled up at the driver enough. The legs that should snap on the part line in the steering column are no where near long enough. Those legs also need to angle back to fit around the control stalks.

So there’s a lot to do there but this is how these things start.
The last image is Sunday night after yet another 6-8in of snow.

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