Man oh man what a winter gut punch we got this week! Without a doubt the most snow I’ve ever had to move. At about a foot and half of snow, I was out shoveling several times. I ran out of places to put it. What a time! The last picture I have posted here is of a jeep that caught on fire behind our house during the snowstorm. I don’t know why it happened but that thing took off! The jeep had a plow on the front, so he was out and about trying to clear snow. The fire department showed up and tried for at least an hour to put it out. After the fire hit the gas tank that sucker was off and running. No one was hurt in the fire.

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  1. Whoa! You won’t have to work out again all week after shoveling that much snow! I can’t believe the Jeep fire! That was crazy!

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