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New news, I bought a 3D printer a few months ago and I built an enclosure so I could print a larger range of materials. I didn’t post that project as it was kind of a bungling nightmare. (yes that is a Vanagon poster)

The first project is a housing for a device John ShoeMan (SP?) and I have been working on. This is an IoT clock that can tell you if your NJT transit train is running on time every morning. It was a great idea till the pandemic hit. Never the less I had a housing designed for it so that was the print first test.
I’ve been printing the development of the housing in ABS. ABS is the plastic I’ve printed with my entires design career and so it was natural that I would continue with this on my personal machine. ABS is great for it’s heat resistance. So the things I’ve created for the van need to be printed in ABS. This clock does not. Unfortunately, I had the ABS white material so its been all I could use. It has not gone well.

I’ve tried 2 different strategies for the design. A single housing with foot and screen. I’ve also tried it as 2 halves with a foot. See pic above.
Sadly I have given up on this design for the moment. I think ABS isn’t the right material for this. I want to try a white PETG. Stay tuned.

Vanagon Window Crank

Left to right is higher bed temp…. Too high melts things.

So as you know I’ve printed this window crank out in the past on my work machine and it came out well and worked well.
That said I hoped it might be a good candidate for my home machine. Sadly I’m running into a lot of similar issues with the crank that I did with the clock. It all comes down to heat. Both the heat of the bead and the heat of the nozzle. That also affects the support material that then tends to mark up the part with melted pockmarks. The latest one I’ve done turned out decent but there is much more to be done before I would feel comfortable using them or offering them to anyone.

Wish me luck! I hope to keep posting about this as this is perfect pandemic DIY stuff.

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