Well friends it’s that time of year. The weather is warm the city is teaming with excitement and your favorite party of the summer is gearing up for the biggest blow out EVER!!!!!! That’s right it’s SSP09. bigger and badder and more out of control!!!! The word on the street this year is enchanting. People wait all year for this party and friends it is finally here!!! Paul what can I do to help? Well that’s easy just spread the word. Ask your friends if they got the invite and if not send them this link right here Save the Date. Watch your inbox in the coming weeks for your invite along with more information about time and place. It’s everything you’ve ever dreamed a short shorts party could be. Oh and more.

::::update:::: I’m having trouble with my mass email service so if you got the Save the Date please please please pass it on so everyone sees it… I didn’t forget anyone the damn intertron is to blame!!!!

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