Trip Over View

As you may have noticed I did not succeed in blogging every day of our epic van trip out to explore the Northwest of the United States of America. These trips are tough. 2 weeks on the road driving almost every day. Waking up at 6 am to either get miles in early or beat the crowds to the trailheads so we can get a parking spot. I certainly don’t want to complain about the number of people that are choosing to enjoy the countries national parks as I think it’s an important part of appreciating our country.

We visited a total of 5! yes 5 national parks and 1 National Memorial on this trip. I think it may be best to blog about each one of them separately.

We saw in this order:

  • Theador Rosevelt NP in North Dakota
  • Glacier NP in Montana
  • Yellowstone NP in  Wyoming
  • Grand Tetons NP in Wyoming
  • Mount Rushmore NM South Dakota
  • Badlands NP in Soth Dakota

If that sounds like too much, well you would be right, it nearly was. Here’s the breakdown!

  • 12 States
  • 1 Vanagon
  • 16 days
  • 5,739.9 Miles
  • 388.052 Gallons of Gas

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