Kayaking! As you may know Kate and I have a rad ass inflatable kayak….. That we have used a total of 4-5 times. In an effort to drive that number higher we have been putting in some effort to find camping spots near lakes or rivers. Because the kayak requires us to inflate it it’s best to have a campsite to get that all done. As well as a place to let things dry out after.
This weekend we went to Swartswood State Park only an hour drive from our house. I made the reservation the Monday prior and some how we got a great spot super close to the lake. The lake was a decent size and has both a small beach and a restaurant on it. We arrived at noon on Saturday and wasted no time getting out on the water. I recently install an air pump in the van so it would be a bit quicker and easier to inflate the kayak. This was the first real test and it was ok. There are some weird things about the pump I don’t like but for the most part it does the job.

That said we got the sucker inflated and spent the afternoon paddling around the lake. We paddeled over to this little restaurant called the Boat House and had a few drinks, making the paddeled back to the campsite that much better.The boat launch at the campsite made for a lovely clearing in the trees so we took our camp chairs down to watch the sun set on the dock. Then made some burgers on the campfire and went to bed.
To my surprise the next morning Kate was eager to get back out in the kayak for a morning paddle around the lake. Hitting the corners we missed the day prior. We did a full lap around the lake and decided it best to head out for some lunch and then the short drive home.All in all a great campsite and a great weekend! We did miss buttfuzz, but we have all 14 months of winter to stay inside with her.

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  1. Paul & Kate: great pictures…wow these could be in a magazine! Boat House restaurant looks really nice. All the best…..Daf

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