What a surprise! The great Ian Swanson, of the Swanson’s of Australia visited us for a grand total of 12 hours last Friday. We haven’t seen Ian in like 6 years and it was great to have a moment to visit. We went to dinner in the city, then back to West Orange for a quick hangout on the porch.

I also had a little time this weekend to put together an emergency air-conditioner for the van. After last year’s heat disaster driving back from New Hampshire. I did a little research on what to do. I decided to build mine using a paper pulp cooler and a computer fan. The idea is pretty simple. Using a cooler filled with ice and fan blowing air over it you get air-conditioning. The computer fan is both small and easy to power over USB. I went to Home Depot and for the first time in my life found all the parts I needed. All in all here is the part list.

  1. Fan
  2. USB to 3 pin connector
  3. Cooler
  4. PVC 4in pipe connector (safety)
  5. Chicken wire mesh (safety)
  6. 3 in aluminum air conduit

fits perfectly between the front seats!

4 thoughts on “

  1. I will test it this weekend with ice in it. The volume of air pushes through the conduit isn’t as much as I hoped.

  2. Hey Paul, (it’s Mark) I think of it like a big computer case, but pushing out cold instead of hot air.
    You need high positive pressure in the cooler, so you need a fan that can generate high static pressure. Another option would be fans on the exit conduit pulling out rather than one pushing in.
    (assuming from pics that air is exiting the conduit)

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