so i just finished the final address list for the invites. it was a nightmare a lot of the list i had for the save the date’s was unusable because for some stupid reason i had made the text outlines.. i think i’m in the habit of that because as a ID guy i never have any fonts so by default make everything outlines when i finish… anyway watch your mail box. the invites go out monday and if you don’t get one it’s because i just plain forgot or you got lost in the shuffle. although i doubt that because i made Kate help me triple check… anyway get excited and let me know what you think!!!

I found this the other day and thought it was a little piece of robot heaven… it’s a kind of robot leg from a puma add. as some of you may remember I was trying to build a new robot and i never finished… since then i’ve been trying to collect inspirational images and thought i’d share this one with you.

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  1. You were the toughest ball plyaer I ever saw. It was Elmer Layden. He was one of the Four Horsemen of Notre Dame. He said they played baseball against them in some tournament in South Bend. My Grandfather was so humble with himself. He didn’t even know who the man was. He just did his job. Imagine that.

  2. That is a beautiful dress and i love the color and pattern, i am always on the look out for that type of dress -still cold here! -20 i think with the windchill and i have to go out today, brrrrCan not wait to see what you will bring on vacation – Love Ariane

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