Hello winter, I see you’re doing well…

I have been getting pounded with snow the last few days. It snowed 3-4 inches Friday night and then 4-6 inches Sunday night. Both times enough snow that a good old fashion shoveling was required. Saturday was fine I could do the work at my leisure. Monday morning however was a bit tougher. I sprung out of bed at 5am expecting the worst. We didn’t get the “worst” but it was a solid snow fall for sure.

All Photos From Monday Morning

In a shocking turn of events. My commute although filled with anxiety, was rather smooth. I was up so early I decided to take an earlier train (the 7:14am). Believe it or not that sucker was on time! With the other delays in the system I caught my connection at Newark Broad with only a 2 minute wait! Way to be NJT!

In other news on Saturday our new furniture arrived. In 2008 we bought a beautiful sectional couch from Room and Board called “The Clarke”. It served us well for many years. In the apartment it sat in a corner and fit the space perfectly. In the house, however it divided the room in a way that made the space feel smaller. In a shocking turn of events we bought a new couch and chairs. It’s quite unusual for us as it brings a whole new set of dynamic colors into the house.

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