This weekend was kate’s bridal shower in defiance ohio. tha’t’s right my home town.. how did it feel to go back? well to be honest the house i grew up in looks great. i would love to have a few days there just to sleep and relax. defiance it’s self has seen better days. I think like a lot of small towns, this latest economic down trun has hit pretty hard. Either way it was a nice time my parents put together quite a good shower weekend. I’ve included a few pics from the weekend, the first is most of the family minus my dad. second is mad cat. mad cat hangs around my house and terrorizes all the other cats, and is generally kinda a bastard. the last shot is my grandfather’s dog buddy, or as he’s known around those parts cat killing dog.. don’t let him fool you every time he wanders over to my parents house he kills as many kittens as he can find…. although with a face like that he makes me sound like a lier.. that all said, kate and i had a great time and send out a big thanks to everyone involved… although many of those people don’t read this blog.. feel the karma .

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