Happy New Year everyone.

We headed up to the Catskills, more accurately Phonicia to a house with our friends for New Year’s Eve. It was a good time. The house was roumored to be haunted and by looking at it you would certainly agree. Although it was just wishful thinking on our friends part. Kate and I stayed on the top floor of the house (the most haunted floor) and sure we saw the ghost of a little boy from the turn of the century playing with that stupid wooden hoop that you hit with a stick. His name was Oliver and he died of the whooping cough in 1903. But that doesn’t make a place “hunted”!

On New Year’s Eve 5 of us went for a cold weather like up to the top of Giants Ledge. There was a bit more ice than I had planned for but we made the hike just fine. I used my osmo 2 steady cam to shoot a super boring video which you can enjoy here.

This may or may not be well known, buuuuuut after I have a few holiday drinks I tend to be easily cajoled into singing some Beastie Boys songs if there is a mic around. Turns out the speaker playing the music happened to have a mic plugged into it. I took the opportunity to indulge myself.

All in all it was a great time, it was great to see everyone. Things certainly got rowdy.

Resolutions you ask? Well, that’s a great question. I think the only one I’m interested in discussing is the Van trip we are planning this year. We are hoping to go North West this time. I will divulge more as the planning progresses.

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