So here it is the Fashion movie. Let me start by apologizing to those of you that have not downloaded Quicktime 7. So the deal is that the new H264 compression is the only way I can get my movie compressed small enough while retaining clarity. So I’m sorry if your unable to view the new movies. In other news it looks as if Raison Pure won’t bit and I’ll be remaining at TODA, which isn’t a bad thing. Anyway take a look in Flicks for the new movie and let me know what you think.

So this just in: I’m here at starbucks using my free T-mobile internet and i came across this really cool new program for making simple websites with absoulutly NO effort. So for those of you with a dot mac account you have got to check this out. The program is called RapidWeaver so click on the link and download the demo I just did and let me say I’m impressed.

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