Man oh man! This weekend I went to see Steely Dan at the Beacon theater..It was on Saturday night and the average age of the folks in attendance was about 75.

Stealy Dan consists of Donald Fagen and Walter Becker. Last year we lost Walter, so Donald has to go it alone (with a giant band). To be completely fair, Donald looks terrible, but sounds great!

I was set to go to the show with my neighbor down the street Jose. Unfortunately he had lazer eye surgery and could go. I got that info on Friday at 7pm. It is not easy to find aonther taker for a Steely Dan show. I started asking around to people I thought might be interested,and not even bothering with people I knew wouldn’t. In the end I was able to talk our friend Matt into going with about 2 hours before show time. He saved Kate from joining the long sad trail of tears that is the plight of a wife at a Steely Dan show.

I got myself a real cool t-shirt, and was really impressed with how good the show was. Donald Fagen was backed up by a great, and I mean GREAT band which if you know the songs is pretty crucial for the sound.

All in all I’d say it was a win! I enjoyed the show and had a great day in the city before hand.

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