This summer we decided to do a simpler easier vacation. We spent 5 days in Nantucket. Kate’s favorite little New England island. Not too much to do but take it easy. Which is good.

We seemed to catch all the rainy days they’ve had this season. Sunday through Wednesday morning we saw nothing but rain and cloudy skys. We decided to extend our tip by a day to try to eek out a little sun. No worry though we managed to keep ourselves busy. Our hotel had bikes so we rode them out and around the island. We went to the local brewery on the island called Cisco Brewing. They have a nice little beer garden. We went to dinner at a bunch of places but one stood way out in front of the rest. The Nautilus, it’s a Asian inspired place, and it was really really delicious! We had the crab fried rice and the noodles it was great!

We had most of Wednesday and Thursday on the beach. We got ourselves as burned as possible. It was a good save.

We ended up staying at two hotels because of extending our stay. The first place was the Jared Coffin house. The second place was Union Street Inn. We really liked Union Street.

I always end up taking a lot of car pictures while we are here. When you are at a place where the vacation homes go for 1.5 million on the low end you are bound to see some nice rides.

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