I know you’re concerned (J-bone)…. The last few weeks have been pretty stressful both with the house and work. That said, I’m not here to complained so let’s catch your ass up on the kitchen progress!

Ok, so in the last post the countertops happened. The plan was then to get the backsplash in and the rest of the molding done. Then we would be ready to paint… That didn’t happen. The molding on the ceiling got done and then our carpenter had other jobs to take care of and ghosted us. This meant we had to go into painting a bit deficient. So, we had to ask the painter to finish the molding on the floor.

August 2:

The painting begins. They take all the doors off and start to lightly sand. I’m nervous because I’m not sure this can even be done well in the best conditions.

August 3:

Kate’s birthday, the painters finish the rough sand and spray a layer of primer. The primer is done a bit rough but knowing how much sanding is required to paint, it should be fine.

August 4:

Kate and I are scheduled to fly to Cincinnati for a family wedding but the flight is cancelled, long story the trip got cancelled.

The painters sand and put on the first layer of white paint. The job is clearly being rushed. The sanding of the primer was know where near thouro and the first coat is done terribly. Spots with heavy spray. Orange peal everywhere. Dust sprayed into the paint. It was my worst fear come true.

When Kate and I saw the progress a freak out ensued. Kate started calling the office. I emailed the owner with pictures. The fire storm was lit!

August 6:

The project manager came to the house to talk to us in the morning and we showed him all our concerns. He played it cool but then shit started to happen. 8 guys showed up and started sanding like crazy. I got home at about 8 and they were still sanding. They left around 8:30. Things seemed to be going in the right direction.

August 7:

We had another walk through with the project manager and thanked him for the progress. Pointed out a few areas that still needed a bit of work. They then sprayed another coat of paint. I got home around 9:30 and things were looking pretty good. They painted the kick board under the cabinets and with another coat I think we will have beat this thing.

August 8 (today)

They should come in and put the new hardware on. Then touch up work. We may be done today or tomorrow.

It’s looking pretty good in the end. It’s not perfect. It’s white, and it’s painted… There is no way to achieve a factory finish. Without a spray booth. There is no way to get it perfect. The goal here was to do a job that was in line with the budget and the over all value of the house. I think we did that and I think it’s a pretty solid job. We will see how it wears. If we had kids I would be terrified.

The pictures below are from today. I don’t want to post the rougher pictures because they make me anxious and I’d like to forget.

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