……………… kitchen

As we discussed in earlier posts, this is going to be a relatively small job with a disproportionately long process.

The countertops are in! The custom island table is in! The backsplash is getting started today along with the molding on the ceiling!

The island table was kind of a fun experience. I found a place that did steal fabrication in Patterson NJ. We had to go pick it up, and of course it was in a rough part of town. We took the van and it fit in the back perfect. The guys were really nice and the price was right. Is it perfect? No, it could be better, but it was built to the specifications of the drawing I sent so it’s cool with me.

I feel like we made a lot of progress pre 4th of July and since things have been dragging. Lucky for us the kitchen has been semi usable the entire time.

The paint starts on Aug 2nd so that will really feel like we are closing in on the finish. The killer issue is the range hood. It’s being custom build and it’s taking for-ev-er!

That’s the update. See the picks below. The countertops go a long way to brightening things up.

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