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So much happening this week. The demolition continues. The rest of the back end of the kitchen has been removed, and the backsplash tile has all been popped off. This is important, as I could take a look at real dimensions for the hood. As I may have mentioned we need to get one custom made as we want to have shelves on either side. They need to end into the hood.

It was important to build it full size so we could avoid and human factor disaster. The first one I built based only on the CAD model I’ve been rendering for you, was far too big. So I used that to get more appropriate measurements and now it works great. The only concern I have is that I have spec’d the hood at 49in wide. It feels as if it may be truly massive. The one in the picture is only 42in wide. The one in the rendering is the full width. That was all of Saturday .

This is the first hood I had in the renderings

This is the revision based on real life.

New render… 3 shelves 49in hood width

Friday was a effing nightmare. I ordered the new refrigerator on line at We have been buying much of the standard pieces we need there. The thing about ordering a item that large from the internet is they have to send it by a freight company. To be clear that’s a delivery service that is often local that delivers large good with a big truck. Well, the delivery window was between 9am and noon. They got to the house at 5! Then once the drive got the fridge in the house he took off. The wrapping looked good so I figured everything was fine. It turned out that the fridge was mangled in several places. So badly its not savable. I immediately called to have it returned and with any luck that will run a bit smoother.

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