Floor installation:

So it’s loud. They finished removing the floor on Friday. Because the old floor was put down to never ever be taken up, they needed to remove everything down to the original sub floor. I don’t know how or why I didn’t get a pic of that but I didn’t. Kate says it was too tramatic. You know how it is just planks with about a half inch between. You walk on it and have a clear view into the basement….. tramatic indeed.

Saturday we stayed out of the house as the new floor was going in. It was very loud, lots of banging, cutting and pounding. Poor ButtFuzz just had to suffer through it.

We looked at tile for the shower walls and went into the city to Tribeca to look at the School House store. We are buying a lot of our fixtures from them so it was good to see most of the product in person.

Sunday they put the stain down. We went back in the records to find the stain we used for the rest of the house. It’s called Provincial. I’ve realized as I’m writing this that the floors in the rest of the house used Duraseal and in the kitchen they used Minwax. Hmmmmm this could be a problem, let’s hope not…. PS don’t tell Kate. She dosent read the blog but I know that some of the readers communicate with her after reading it. Just do me a solid on this one. No, it’s not lying if you don’t tell her. Just act as if you skimmed this part of the post. It’s fine…… Right?

Let’s step outside of the remodel news for a moment….. It has been brought to my attention that in the last post I may have made an insensitive racial blunder….

I used the term “Mexicans” to discribe the people that came to the house to buy our old fridge. Now it may be fair to say that I was not 100% certain of their nationality so could be misrepresenting who they are. Ok…. On the other had I very much enjoyed the experience and wanted to share it on the blog. As you know the blog is here to remind me of things as my memory is so terrible.so watch out because this thing is out if control….. Jon..

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