The 2018 Kate and Paul Diehl kitchen project is moving forward! After a devastatingly high estimate from the contractor we recorrected and went to plan B. Find our own sub contractors. Kate called the carpenter who did our porch and stairs. He’s going to do all the nessessary demo and tile work. We got the name of our neighbor’s floor guy and had him over which resulted in a very reasonable estimate. Kate found a countertop supplier and we picked that out. I have updated the spreadsheet and have started to order the tile and fixtures. I sent drawings to a fabricator to get the range hood made and got a quote back. All we have left is to find a painter for the cabinets. This is the big one. If we don’t find a good painter for these cabinets I’m worried the entire project may fall apart.

Before you label me a dramatic let me explain. We have a lot of cabinets in that kitchen. If the paint job looks like a paint job, and not like the natural color the cabinets have always been, then all the other improvements we have spent on will look cheap by association. Trust me on this one. That said if you know anyone in the NJ area that is famous for painting cabinets sent me that contact!

I did another render of the kitchen with the wider sink we ordered and now have in the basement. Demo starts next Monday the 11th. I will post regular updates. Wish us luck!

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