Last weekend:

We went to visit every parties guest of honor, Jenn Norwood. We drove up to Providence RI on Sunday morning. <Tangent> I hate I95! What the eff man! I don’t even have a coherent thought about it. It just always backed up for reasons that will remain unclear to all of humanity for the rest of our time here.</Tangent>

The point of the visit was to see Jenn, tell dumb jokes and sing Karaoke like fools. All those objectives where achieved. We had a private room which is not the norm for these excursions but worked out quite well. We sang a bunch of songs that the general public would not know or care to hear. We even sang Steely Dan’s “Cousin Dupree” not easy. These visits are short, they are meant to encourage maximum fun in a achieveable burst. Meaning, I’m only capable of being fun or funny for about 4 hours at most.

Providence is a cool place man! It has the youth of a college town. The growth of millennials moving back into cities. It also lacks the shine soulless gloss of a major city that had it’s renissance some 10 years back. Cough, cough bk. They have rehabilitated many if the old factory’s to lofts and with that has come new restaurants and shops. Kate and I went to this place called North for dinner. It was delicious, check them out. Smart planning by Jenn, Boom Box the Karaoke place was right around the corner.

Thanks Jenn!

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