Just in case I forget in a year. This winter has been truly the worst…. I have that thing where the summer sun erases all the bad memories of the winter prior. I go into each new winter season thinking it won’t be that bad…. Like a hopeful young freshman in highschool. Starring off into the middle distance with his wide eyed dumb face thinking “highschool can’t possibly be a social damaging experience”.

This winter I shan’t forget. We have had 3 noreasters in 4 weeks. We have a 4th storm slated for next week and it’s the second half of March! To this I say for shame mother nature. The grey sky depression has taken hold and I can honestly say it’s not just me. It’s effecting the entire east coast.

It’s like being trapped in a snow globe that someone keeps dropping and then comically kicking around the room when they try to pick it up.

It’s like an prison with out walls. Covered in snow with no release date in sight.

It’s like a dare, a dare that didn’t keep kids off drugs at all… In fact it’s the dare that started this nuclear winter and the opeoid epidemic.

It’s like an alcoholic with a ski resort snow machine. In this scenario they’re not addicted to booze they’re addicted to burying the east cost in snow and self-esteem issues.

Highland ave njt stop, my local

The view from my bedroom, everyday since October.

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