so I think this might have gone too far. I’v been all about this netMacNbook mainly because it’s flawless. i mean check this out the SD card reader on the side even works. Now, I’ve only had it for 2 days but I think that buttFUZZ and Kate are wondering what has happened to me. This morning when I opened it up before heading to work I found this little note. Kate’s says it’s not from her and that’s not buttFUZZ’s hand writing. The netbook in-fact loves me? Yes, I think so. Alright I’ll say it, it’s not too soon….. I love you to netMacNbook.

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  1. So Mac OSX runs better than windows? hmmmmmmmmm. maybe that should have been my idea and not windows 7.

  2. paul make steve angry. “USE STEVE’S HARDWARE,” steve says. steve and steves turtleneck are going to bar to drink away sad, lonely, rejection.

  3. Can you make me one but with like Ed Hardy grafix on it? And like maybe put some naked women riding dragons as the desktop and some flying toasters as the screen saver? Oh, and like, duh, lots and lots of RAM so all my pr0n editing software stays bangin. I gotta edit my girl reverse cowgirling me, yo.

  4. I don’t even know how to begin to answer that last one. Did you just describe your current laptop? Although I will be happy to help anyway I can. although if Ed Hardy stay involved I’m out…

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