So I got ilife lastnight and so far I’m a bit dissapointed. The new features are kinda lame and there aren’t many to speak of. I mean iWeb is cool and all but as we know i already went through the trouble of learning to make a website (the hardway). I did start a photocast but knowing that most of you don’t care or want to buy iLife06 it kinda makes that feature suck too. Although if you want to check it out i just posted some random pictures and if you want to check it out you can use NetNewsWire and put in this address
donkey88/iPhoto/paulcast/index.rss it will auto update because of the magic of rss. I checked out i movie and it seemed ok but I realized that i got taken by apple on this one. That’s ok though. It was great to see some of friends at the apple store rebbeca and alyssa. anyway, in other news kate just got tickets for billy joel and she is about to pee her pants. So on march 4th will be at madison square garden dying young.

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