Listen I know there are other things I could be posting about here…. For one, a couple of weeks ago we were with the family out in Montauk and it was lovely. This past weekend we were with Kate’s parents out on the lovely island of Nantucket.

In this case though I’m posting a crowd pleaser. WNYC is doing a video series on Bodega Cats:Bodega Cats in NYC. It’s voiced by the owners and it’s the best. Bodega cats are known for their badassness. This just spotlights a few throughout the 5 boroughs.

I also added my Nike+ info back to the site. Notice “runs” in the menu on the left. It’s every run I’ve done and it will continue to update. Much more often than this site!

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  1. I miss my grandfather too. He tauhgt me what a honey wagon was. A big tank on wheels full of human shit. A big thing in europe. He went to France in WWI(the war to end all wars) as a blacksmith. He learned his trade at the oil strike at Spindletop. In France, he shoed the horses and mules that pulled the big cannons and supply wagons. He was covered in mustard gas twice. Probably why he died at 65. His lungs were gone. Don’t forget how much older I am than most of you kids. I still think of him often with both pride and sadness.

  2. Hallo,als potentielles Mitglied würde ich freuen, von den Vorständen (oder vom Verband selbst) eine Seite bei Google+ oder (wenn es sein muß) bei Xing zu finden. Zum Diskutieren und / oder teilen. Twitter könnte man – zusätzlich – auch machen, Facebook finde ich (persönlich) abstoßend.

  3. No me lo puedo creer, has estado todas las mañanas laborables, cogiendo el mismo bus que yo?.De verdad, la manera de relatarlo es volver a estar allí otra vez, si todos sorieramos seria igual de espantorso pero mas agradabre.Tremenda verdad escrita!!!

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