so i was going to write a post about how my inability to spell correctly is destroying my life. then i sat down at the table and took a look at the house fish franklin and he had the largest string of poo hanging out of his fish ass. I thought that might be more interesting then complaining about my short comings.

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  1. Thank you for this post – my fish also just did a gigantic poo (the size on his entire body) haha! Noticed it as I was literally sulking in my own short comings, and then promptly switched gears to start googling if something was wrong with the fish…and then stumbled on this post.

    Thanks for your candor and honesty in this post from years ago, you helped me feel better both about myself and my fish tonight – just had to comment to tell you that 🙂 thank you!

  2. So I also get home and find not one but four of my goldfishes with a black string thing hanging from their fish asses and I panicked! I thought they were dying ??
    At least now I know they are just pooping.. I can breathe again.

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