1..2..3 i really hate cingular. So today like I do everyday woke up got in the shower and put my phone on the sink. while in the shower the alarm went off again and I reached out with a wet hand to turn it off. apparently that little bit of 2 second contact with a wet hand destroyed the phone. I didn’t freak out because i bought insurance with the phone when i signed up at cingular. The guy at the store said it was great coverage and that I could go as far as to drop it in a puddle and they would replace it. The store is on my way to work so I stopped in and the bitch at the counter gave me the run around for a while and then gave me the all dreaded number to call. Then after a lifetime on the phone I find out i still have to pay $50. Cingular lied and now I have no phone for two days. I hope cingular poops it’s pants at it’s daughters 5th birthday party and all the little kids laugh at him!

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