so as some of you might know yesterday was the opening of the huge apple store on 5th ave. here in New York. i don’t work far from there so i walked over after work hoping to get in to see the new store in all it’s huge apple glory. To my chagrin the line for the store was down a around the block. the cops were telling people the line started an avenue over and a block up. understanding that it’s a big deal I took some pictures and decided to go back later that night when the line had died down. I went to meet my cousin Karen and her friend for dinner. it was fun and dinner was great. took them on the subway and showed them how to get to soho for saturday morning. We finished around 11pm and i road back up town with them so that I could stop back by the store. When i got up there the line was still down the block, “damn”! So i walked around the large glowing glass cube in admiration of it’s opulence, and all of the sudden saw rebecca’s sister ally. She works at the soho store and she was talking to some of the employees trying to get in. I caught her attention and as she went in with one of the guys i thought he motioned me to come along. As i hopped on the sidewalk to start into the glowing white apple heaven ally turned and informed me the infact I could not follow, i retreated feeling a bit foolish and over zealous. At that point i collected myself and heading home for the evening thinking that maybe i should consider getting some less nerdy interests.

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