is it hot in here or is it just me!! man out of no where nyc decided to turn up the oven. is it killer hot everywhere else? no luck with central air any where in the city, and I think last years window unit we had in the old place died by the end of the summer……. just in case you wanted to know……

in other news the other night we rented kiss kiss bang bang with robert downey Jr and good old val kilmer. it’s one of those movies that if your a downey Jr fan (like me) than you like the movie. I know drug use is not cool but that guy makes it pretty awesome……… In other movie news… it’s that time of year here in nyc, film crews are all over the place. The last few days on my way to work there’s been a shoot just down the street, and last night on my week night ride around the park there was a set. To be honest this is my favorite part of living in new york. seeing all the cameras and rigging and lights that go into shooting. I snapped a picture in prospect park last evening of all the floating lights they were using. Super cool scene, sorry no famous people.

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