on wednesday night my friends i went on a boat ride around manhattan it was a work thing. As most of you know i never talk about work on the blog, but i’ll make an exception for the boat trip. it was a beautiful ride. we started on the east side of the island up around the 30’s and went all the way around to the west side I’d say in the 80’s or 90’s. Luckily I’ve started to hang out with a couple of people at work and feel a bit more comfortable in social settings. the boat was pretty large three floors including the top deck were most people spent the majority of the trip. they served dinner and needless to say had an open bar. For some reason the team I’m on likes to think of themselves as the toughest drinkers in the agency. By the looks of how the night ended up I’d say we are. The boat docked at 10pm and then off to the after party. After that i can’t really recall much else. In the picture is my friend kari I had know idea she was doing the licking face pose.(click on the picture for the slideshow)

in other news have no fear the ipod issue got resolved this morning. I went to the soho store and it turns out one of the sectors on the drive had gone bad, so they replaced it. Hooray!……… is anyone else noticed that blogger is getting really slow and is down a lot?

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