Cinque Terre like every thing else was beautiful. It’s an area in the Italian Riviaria made up of 5 little villages. We stayed at the one named Montorosso. Our B&B; was amazing. Brand new and full of modern everything. We had our own terrace (seen below all the way to the left) perfect for an afternoon rest with a bottle of prosecco. 
According to Rick Steves (that know it all travel book bastard) Montorosso was the younger more nightlife rich of all the villages. Well, Rick lies!  Not that it’s a problem we hadn’t planed on an all night rager but we had hopped for a crowed under 65. We of course rolled with it and got up the next day ready to take what Rick called a sea side strole to the next town over Vernazza. Again Rick pulled a fast one on us. This stroll turned into a 2 and a half mile hike through the mountains on a trail that at some points was no more than a foot and a half wide which we only had flip flops on to travers. Kate and I are starting to expect this Rick Steves bastard is trying to kill us. Eff you Mr. Rick!!!
That aside the hike was beautiful. It was sunny and the veiw of both towns from the top of the mountain was glorious.  The hike really took it out of us. Especally me, my usual work out routine involves a mouse, a monitor and a pint of warnish tea.
With all that hikeing under our belts we enjoyed a dinner at Miky’s (a famouse local restuaunt) . This morning we boarded another train and are quickly making our way to Florence. I’m tapping this post out as we zip through little towns just a few minutes from stop 3 on our tour. Chech back in a day or two…. Rome is next!!!!!

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