i spent the better part or this evening trying to figure out why my laptop wouldn’t load blogger pages. well it turns out that if you have been messing with your proxys in you internet connections blogger straight up doesn’t like it. anyway. it also kinda exciting that blogger beta is up for those of us that run our blogs off our FTP’s. we now have tags which blogger calls labels. I’m going to see if i can get them figured out but no promises on when.
in other news kate and I went to see ben foldes on friday and sadly i think i’ve just out grown the guy. i still like some of his songs but to be honest with you he seems a bit arrogant in some of his music. maybe it just because he’s not “cool anymore” but i hate to say that. one can’t live or die on “coolness” anyway the real treat of the night was the guy that opened for ben named corn mo this guy was hilariouse. i mean you really had to see him to apprecite it but i have become a fan. i was able to take some video of corn mo singing my new favorite song robert holiday. he kinda reminds me of this guy brian and i used to listen to in high school named wally pleasent. exept corn mo is a bit cooler and funnier. so if your looking to see a show and it has a guy opening named corn mo get there early and enjoy.

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