so check this out! my canon powershot digital camera got stolen off my desk at work!!!!!!!! Yes the little guy that’s been bringing you all the inspiring images on dport7 for the past 3 years has been lost to the hands of a criminal. i gotta say it makes me a little sad to think that someone where i work may have lifted the camera right off my desk at 2 in the afternoon. I only have fond memories of the little guy. he’d been through a lot. a short time in Cincinnati, then California and then pulling it’s longest shift here in new york. being that presently i’ve been trying to not spend the money i won’t be rushing out to by a new one. although i have to say if i did i’d rock the same thing. either way you can thank the bastard that stole my camera for the new lack of fresh photos on the site.

in other news i saw borat last night….. funny…… a bit to gross…… threw down some pabst with the kids after the show. all and all a good time even though the movie could have been a bit better. less male nudity and a bit more situational humor.

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