If your reading this then you some how survived St. Patrick’s Day. For that I congratulate you. I find St. Patrick’s Day to be my most feared holiday. We encourage the public to all go out and get drunk together. This year being in Columbus was a whole other level. These people drive!!!!! Don’t get me wrong I was with John Diehl so we were driving safely, but it’s the meat heads I’m worried about. John and I stopped in at this party advertised on the radio. This place called Flannigans. Oh the humanity!!!! All the dudes where either really fat and nerdy or type A meat heads and scary. The girls were a similar ratio of fat and unfortunate or hot and busted. Needles to say John and I were incredibly uncomfortable there. Luckily we avoided the cover charge but sneaking in the back band entrance purely by mistake. The rest of the night was lovely eating Danoto’s pizza and drinking Great Lakes beer at John’s apartment.

Truthfully the real reason for my visit was to visit John Diehl and my cousin Krissy and family. I had business in Cincinnati on Thursday and Friday so it was a perfect opportunity to spend the weekend in Ohio to visit some folks I rarely see. Krissy had a baby earlier this year and as often as I get to Ohio I was worried Ethan would be in his early 20’s before I got to hang out. The good news is that Mom and Baby are doing great. Krissy seems to be handling motherhood like a champ and little Ethan couldn’t look more comfortable in his surroundings. I know what your thinking “where are all the pictures of Paul holding the baby!” I prefer to leave that to the capable parents. Cousin Paul brings over some toys and has a beer. No baby holding its just better for everyone that way. As a special treat John and I got to take Krissy out for a burrito giving mom a little hang out time with her favorite cousins. It was just like old time except we are all much older now.
With that said I think it was an incredibly successful trip. Just a few other notes. I got to have lunch with my old pal Rusty on Friday which was great! He’s a relatively new parent as well and seems to be doing great. Lastly one major highlight was John taking me to his super secret baseball club called the Green Diamond in Cincinnati. It’s a private baseball museum he belongs to that is simply incredible. They have old baseball players come and speak every month and I wish I could explain it better but I can’t so just know its amazing and enjoy the pictures posted below.
Wow what a trip!!!!

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  1. That’s awesome about the secret baseball club! Also, just buy the kid lots of Bowie albums and congrats to Krissy!

  2. Glad you enjoyed your visit to the buckeye state. We enjoyed having you! Fun time had by all and a mention on the blog. 🙂

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