Ok so i guess i owe an update on this one. I got my laptop back on tuesday with a brand new harddrive new ram and even a foot on the bottom i was missing. sadly though the data was all lost. i’ll live. Why new ram you ask? well it turns out i had bad ram the guy that called me from the apple store said that’s what caused the harddrive to crash so hard but I don’t know about that. as you might know i moved and it turns out with my rotten luck there is not a open wifi signal in my area so the updates to the site are going to be slow till october 13 when my DSL gets turned on.

in other news yes the move went smoothly and the new place is great. For a NYC apt. it pretty large. It’s a bit weird living alone but i think it’s just intensified because I have no internet or tv. hmmmmmmmmm it seems like i have something else to tell you but i guess that’s it. Oh I bought a couch…. yeah I’m real excited but it doesn’t get delivered for like 3 weeks

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