grab a box of tissues…… sit down……… open up an old english and pour one out because my Powerbook G4 died this morning… I’ll give you a moment………….. So last night before i went to bed i noticed it had frozen and i thought it was just because i downloaded the new ilife update and had itunes running at the same time. this morning when i got up to check my email i turned on the computer and got the flashing folder and question mark. I thought it might have just been an OS corruption but when i put in my repair disks it couldn’t find a harddrive. your probably say “oh man paul i hope you backedup”… turns out i’m pretty well backup but I still lost some stuff. Mainly the master copy FLA of delight design and the master FLA of the new site coffee and a danish. I’m planning to take it into the apple store on sunday of possible and with any luck apple care will replace the hard drive and maybe pull some stuff off of it (that’s not likely). so be it that it’s friday when your throwing back a beer this evening after work drink one for my Powerbook because it ran dport7 content along with a lot of other stuff like a hause.

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