so i got back from thanksgiving in ohio today around 10am. it was nice to see everyone and of-course enjoyed seeing my brother john (who’s blog has recently become an international blogisphere powerhouse). My mom has a fresh batch of kitten running around the house, and everyone had to comment on my new hair cut. every time i go home like that i think about the movie home for the holidays. i know it’s a bit of the homogay but it’s pretty funny and i’ve always had a thing for holly hunter i guess.

anyway when i was home everyone was talking about decorating for the holiday’s and to be honest with you I’m not a decorator. i don’t like trinkets or ornaments. but dport7 is a different story. for some reason i love to do different holiday things here on the site. so i decided that the splash page was and has become kind of an annoyance. i set up my bookmarks to skip it completely. i know some of you like the changing graphics that existed on the splash page so i’m going to just try and bleed this over into the top banner. this is my first shot at a flash based banner so i don’t know if I’m quite happy with the layout of it but hey it’s up and working. oh if you think the snow is blowing a bit too hard run your mouse up there and your able to control it.

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