i feel as if i have had several revelations lately. ok so 1. HD is load of shit man. I have a “HD TV” and I got HD cable and first off there are only like 7 channels that are even in HD. Then i come to find out when i compare HD channels to non-HD channels that the difference is minimal at best. what’s all hype about how much better HD looks than regular TV. is there something wrong with my eyes. maybe my eyes can only see standard def. anyway it just seem like rip off to me.

next number 2 revelation. i have noticed while listening to other people that i am indeed not worldly. so many other people my age have lived abroad or spent time over seas. now, yes it is true that i have been to europe some years ago, i was on a bus trip with my family and only received a very tourist bus type experience of another culture. i’m talking about trips as an older individual anyway. i feel as if i should be wasting my money on backpacking trips over seas instead of on lies in technology. (although i never will)

lastly number 3 revelation. my apartment cost too much…….. i have this revelation all the time….. just thought i’d write it down for once.

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