uhhhh so last night was the entire office christmas party as this place called
Guastavino’s which happens to be under the queens bough bridge. The place was really impressive. it’s this reception hall that’s literally built into the bridge and exposing the architecture as the interior decor. i have to say i had a much better time this year than last year. why? mainly because I know more people now so the awkward feeling is lessened. over all it was a good night i didn’t say or do anything too stupid and other than a bit of dancing i don’t think i embarrassed myself too horribly. sadly the after party was less than worth while so one of the other guys i work with and I jumped in a cab and went to a local bar down town for a few more.

hey for those of you that keep up as web site check out this thing
fireftp. it’s an extenion for firefox that puts an ftp client in your browser. i just set it up here and it really handy for times your not on your home computer.

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