So last weekend in a word was CRAY (“cray” is how the kids have shortened the word crazy to be cool). I for reasons I find hard to explain went winter camping with my good friends Billy, Vitor, and George. Well to be fair it’s not that hard to explain. The city has made me into a bit of a weenie so I do these excursions to make myself a bit tougher.

We got to the camp site at about 3pm on Saturday to find the temperature to be a nippy 19 degrees. I was worried to say the least. Don’t worry I went to REI the night before and got some Long John’s (which I promptly renamed Long Paul’s) I also got some new gloves and the thickest socks I’ve ever seen. After walking to the camp site which isn’t too far we started to gather all the wood we would need for the fire. If you ever go camping with Victor you learn quickly that it’s impossible to gather too much wood for the campfire. As the day light slipped away we stared the fire and started in on drinking the only liquid you can bring to a campsite that is far below freezing (pictured below). Couple of quick highlights, a assortment of fire works were set off. Many unintentional falls. A fire pass out (we’ll leave that there). Delicious sausge fajita. Lastly an amazing thermos of Hot Apple Rye Cider and 3 LBs of cured meats. I think the pictures tell the rest of the story pretty accurately. Billy snapped most of these as I decided it was far too cold to try and operate my camera. I can’t say I regret that choice. Oh one last thing. By the time our frozen feet got us back to the car the next morning the temperature was at a cruel 7 degrees. WOW! this might have been my first and last winter camping trip. cold!

the camp site

the fuel

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  1. It was one hell of a trip, Pawll, glad you made it through. Next time, we’ll head back out there memorial day when it’s a tad bit warmer. Good times baby

  2. You guys were totally right. The best part about doing a trip like that is telling people about it and talking about it later. That damn trip was hilarious!

  3. Trips like that grow fur on the ole chestnuts. You loved it. Next time we ask you to come, you’ll be better prepared and say “yes”. Between now and then, you’ll enjoy the fresh grown peach fuzz.

  4. Beast 1, Let me assure you when I got home from that trip and went to take a shower. I had to peal off all the Long Paul’s and layers of t-shirts. I indeed looked like a 50 year old bear. My friend peach fuzz is a fond memory.

  5. A couple of thoughts came to my mind:
    1) The scenery was definitely beautiful.
    2) Were there other people there camping also? Did that fact affect your decision?
    3) I can only imagine how glad K8 was to have you go camping. She got ButtFuZZ all to herself.
    Little piece of advice for next time: Skip REI and hit up the Carhartt store. Worth it.

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