OH man so on friday hung out with tyson (hook up that blog man)and the guys. got a good picture in china town check it out . we went to this cool place deep on the lower east side called good world bar and grill that wait staff was snotty but the food was good and the bar had good decor.

then saturday the andersons (phill’s parents) took us all to see the ranger’s game. right on!!! madison square garden at 2:00pm to see the boston (sucks) bruins lose to our home team 3-1.. what made it better was the penalty shot i have for you to view here on the post. the best part was the goalie was kinda a sore loser getting pissed off and knocking the puck out of the goal like an ass. is this a result of being from boston?…. no no no i have no problem with people from boston i’ve just been told that they indeed suck by just about everyone in this city including all the boughs… I don’t want to believe everything I hear but you can make up your mind after you watch the clip.

last we got a long weekend this weekend and for that i say thanks Dr. King!!!!! i might go skate tomorrow hooray.

(double click to play)

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