i’m so excited by the iphone i’m worried for my health. for real if you have the time, and your interested watch the keynote from steve. there’s nothing about the iphone that isn’t impressive. what’s so exciting for me is the idea of being able to blog with pictures anytime anywhere. the reason i never got a differn’t smart phone is because they don’t fully access the internet so i was never sure if it would work with blogger…. now though i’m in. oh man the built in camera means more blogs, more on the go photos and more dport7 all around. it’s really exciting for mobile communication. it looks as if other 3rd party applications will be able to be developed so everything from personal widgets to ftp clients may be possible. the long and short of all this is that i’m a huge nerd about this stuff, but i can’t help it, i just get really excited. oh man if you get a chace check out the google maps stuff, talk about never getting lost again or having to print out directions. either way the entire thing sound really exciting now we all just gotta wait till june. the good news about that is we can start setting aside some cash because the little bugger cost $599 and that’s alot of ballons pal. tell me what your thinking about it.

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